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Performance Measurement and Management

20 hour(s)


The purpose of this module is to gain a critical understanding of the importance of Performance Management as a key issue for all types of organisations (and all management functions) and of how it can contribute to measure the level of strategy implementation towards results of a company or institution. The module will give students insights into performance modelling and the design of performance management and measurement tools (budget, business plans, scorecards, indicators and associated bonuses…). It provides students with a global approach to performance and explores a broad range of managerial issues related to "managing with numbers" including impact on employee behaviour, coordination, accountability, learning, motivation…. The module also helps students critically assess which techniques might be useful, their possible effects but also their limitations when managing performance.

After the training the participant will be able to:

  • use core concepts related to performance management (effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, waste…) to identify, articulate and analyse performance issues encountered by an entity
  • design and use the most usual measurement tools (budget, business plans, scorecards, indicators and associated bonuses and target costing) used by companies to manage performance
  • evaluate how the use of measurement tools may affect the behaviours of people, positively but also in case negatively, identify best practices to avoid or to handle some related pitfalls


  • Session 1: Introduction to Performance Measurement and Management
  • Session 2: Business Planning and Budgeting
  • Session 3: Managing entities and making the vision happen
  • Session 4: Motivation systems and measurement tools
  • Session 5: Managing performance over the life cycle

Teaching will include interactive lectures, (prepared and in-class) case studies, experience sharing and group presentations. Students are expected to prepare the module actively by following the (reading) assignments.

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In collaboration with: ICN Business School

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