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Mortgage Credit Directive (MCD)

2 hour(s)


In this eLearning you will be guided through different modules by following the storyline of Ben the Banker who has his first client meeting as an analyst in the credit department.

By the end of this training, you will be able to:

  • Define the different stages of a mortgage loan;
  • Understand the banker's role during the credit process;
  • Understand the whole process, from client onboarding to post- credit cycle;
  • Understand the influence of MCD on client relationships;
  • Discuss instalments’ changes with contact persons and apply specific key behaviors;
  • Be aware of pre-credit and post-contractual obligations; and
  • Understand the process to assess the consumer's creditworthiness.


1. Introduction

  • Context and objectives
  • Scope of the training
  • Key principles and concepts.

2. Pre-contractual and marketing phase

  • General information
  • Marketing activities
  • Tying and bundling practices
  • Creditor behaviors.

3. Getting ready for loan

  • Advisory services
  • Adequate explanations
  • ARPC calculation
  • Creditworthiness assessment.

4. Going through ESIS

  • The ESIS model
  • Interest rates and other costs
  • Instalments and amounts
  • APRC calculation.

5. Post-contractual obligations

  • Early repayment
  • Variable credit rates
  • Foreign currency loans
  • Arrears and foreclosure.

6. Knowledge check

  • Random selection of questions.
Teaching methods

DLearn offers a dynamic approach to digital learning:

  • All sessions are modular and easy to customize to perfectly fit your needs
  • The units (maximum 15 minutes) are incorporated in an interactive storyline.

Target group

Who is the course aimed at?

  • Board
  • Management
  • Operations.


Assessment methods

At the end of this eLearning, the learner will be evaluated on the topic via a knowledge check.

Certficate, diploma

Our MiFID II eLearning is part of our CSSF MiFID II training program. An official certificate will be delivered upon validation.

Additional information

All our eLearnings are customizable for any industry.

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Responsibility for the content of this training description lies solely with its author, the training provider Deloitte Tax & Consulting.

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