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Bullying / Harassment

2 week(s)

70 heures: 60 heures en ligne + 10 heures en face à face


The number of cases of violence in schools is increasing every year. Among these cases, bullying stands out, which is the set of repetitive activities, adopted by one or more students against one or more others, causing pain, anguish and suffering.

Despite all the repercussions and some cases showing this type of violence, bullying is still considered child's play. It is important to note, however, that this behaviour should not be viewed in this way. Bullying can cause serious mental and personality disorders in its victims.

In addition to being present in most schools, bullying can also be found in the home and workplace, but many people do not know how to recognize and manage this problem.

The bullying course provides the information you need to identify this phenomenon that has always existed, but which is now taking on frightening proportions, becoming the subject of studies worldwide. During the course, you will discover the different types of bullying, such as homophobia, cyberbullying, religion, among others.

  • Learn to identify and deal with bullying
  • Know the role of family, school and society in preventing bullying
  • Learn how to create an anti-bullying project

The course is useful both for educators, who live with the problem daily, and for parents, who should be aware of the slightest sign of bullying so that they can protect and guide their children and other children.


The main topics of the bullying course are:

Unit 1 - Initial approach

What is bullying
Causes and origins of bullying
Psychological and behavioral consequences
How To Identify Bullying
Bullying Characters
Types of aggression (physical or moral)
The difference between bullying by boys and girls

Unit 2 - The dilemmas and directions of contemporary youth

The influence of education on contemporary youth
Old education vs current education
The influence of technology
The influence of friendships
The dangers of young people
Education and the youth of tomorrow
Completion of module I

Unit 3 - Different Faces and Bullying Environments

Family bullying
Bullying at work
Bullying and religious differences
Intimidation in relationships
Homophobic bullying
Internet harassment

Unit 4 - How to fight bullying

Bullying prevention
The role of the family
The role of the school
The role of society
Institutions in the fight against bullying
Success and Recognition of Those Who Overcome Bullying

Unit 5 - Share on bullying

Global References on Bullying
Other cases of bullying
Creation of an anti-bullying project
A course on bullying
Bullying Films
Bullying Videos
Bullying Songs
Final considerations
Course completion

Target group

Who is the course aimed at?

  • Enseignants
  • Parents
  • Famille


Certficate, diploma

Formation continue certifiée OHC ASBL

Responsibility for the content of this training description lies solely with its author, the training provider Office House Capellen.

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