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European Institute of Public Administration  Fondation

About us

The European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA) was established in 1981 to support the national administrations of the EU Member States in meeting the obligations of EU membership. The overall aim of the Institute is to make a practical contribution to the European integration process through a wide variety of services to national and sub-national administrations, to the EU institutions, as well as to actors in the private and academic sectors.

In 1992, EIPA established a Centre in Luxembourg, incorporating the European Centre for Judges and Lawyers (ECJL). It is situated on the Kirchberg Plateau, in close proximity to the Court of Justice and the General Court of the European Union. The particular aim of the ECJL is to improve training in European law for judges, lawyers, officials at the European institutions and legal experts from the Member States of the European Union and from countries that have applied for accession to the EU. The ECJL offers training programmes on the interpretation and application of European law that are intended to provide inspiration and practical working tools.
For this purpose, it has a resident team of legal experts with experience in both European law and national law. This team is reinforced by an extensive network of external experts, consisting of legal practitioners (judges, lawyers, national public servants, EU officials, legal secretaries of the Court of Justice and the General Court of the European Union) and academics. Through the composition of both its resident team of staff and its network of experts, the ECJL ensures that a variety of nationalities and experiences are represented.

The ECJL is thus trying to do its bit for European integration both in the context of the Europe 2020 strategy and that of the enlargement of the European Union, according to which the effective application of European law is an important factor in improving competitiveness and cross-border cooperation.

Teaching methods

Our services are characterised by a multidisciplinary learning methodology and a strongly comparative approach. EIPA provides an overall view, which, by showing the contrasts, reflects European diversity in terms of governance and administration.

Our programmes are designed to provide a collaborative and stimulating environment for learning and to add value to your professional career and personal growth.

The topics are presented with the systematic use of case studies, simulation exercises and working groups. The diverse educational and professional backgrounds of our faculty and delegates enrich the experience. Moreover, most seminars and training courses bring together participants from many EU Member States and Candidate Countries.

In this multicultural environment the transfer of knowledge and know-how is successfully combined with exchanges of experience and best practices drawn from different administrative systems.

Training domains

For more information on training domains, please see Glossary

Training-related activities

  • Support - Coaching

Some figures

  • Beginning of the training activity in 1981
  • 10 course(s) on the site

Published catalogues

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Contact the training provider
Christiane Lamesch

+352 42 62 30 302


Practical information
Accreditation Convention du 29 novembre 1991
Activity area Allemagne
Phone +352 42 62 30 302
Fax +352 42 62 37
Address 8, rue Nicolas Adames
L-1114 Luxembourg
Languages English, French
Organisation Conferences, e-learning, Inter-company training, Intra-company training
Type off-the-shelf and custom-made course
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