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Lifelong learning

Lifelong learning or "Lifelong education and training" covers:

"All learning activity undertaken throughout life, which results in improving knowledge, knowhow, skills, competences and/or qualifications for personal, social and/or professional reasons.".

Source: Cedefop, Glossary Quality in education and training, 2011

These activities take place both within and outside of education and training systems.

education et formation tout au long de la vie EN

Education and initial training

It all begins with school (early education, preschool and primary education).

Then comes the time to choose a direction, a profession and the training required. You become a secondary education pupil or an apprentice in the Luxembourg school system.

Working life

The moment has come to enter working life.

Soon, new training may prove to be essential for:

  • Gaining new skills linked to your job,
  • Facilitating your access or return to work,
  • Developing within or outside your company,
  • Giving a new direction to your career,
  • Gaining a qualification, etc.

Finally comes the time to retire, which means making a break with working life while continuing to pursue personal fulfilment.

Retired people still seek stimulation of the mind and may want to explore the numerous opportunities available to them to continue their learning.

Lifelong learning is comprised of the above stages.

In this context, both public and private Luxembourg initiatives come together to build a system which offers uninterrupted quality education and training from childhood to retirement.


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