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Europass – the European skills passport

Clearly express all your qualifications and skills

The Europass is a portfolio of skills that is recognised and used in 34 countries throughout Europe. It makes it possible for anyone to make their skills and qualifications clearly understood, whether to an employer, a training body or a teaching establishment, anywhere in Europe.

EuropassThe Europass is a unique reference tool which helps:
  • citizens communicate and prove their skills and qualifications more effectively when job-hunting or applying for training;

  • employers understand the skills and qualifications of jobseekers and hence of their future employees;

  • education and training authorities to provide information on the content of their curricula, promote their training offer on a European scale, and highlight the skills connected with their diplomas.
The European skills passport comprises 5 documents, but it may also include any other type of document deemed useful in attesting the skills listed in the CV (diplomas, placement attestations, letters of recommendation, etc.).

Two documents are freely accessible and may be completed online by any European citizen, via the Europass site:
Three other documents are issued by education and training authorities:


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