Your Workspace: the keys to success

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  • Analysis of the gross efficiency of workspaces / offices
  • Measuring the impact of the environment on productivity
  • Implementation method and profitability of spaces


In a context of business disruption, innovation for some industries and stagnation for others, real estate plays a bigger role than ever: it is a business enabler.

From the traditional cost optimization perspective, the link to business enhancement is more and more obvious. Do you get the most of your real estate? Is your current fit out an innovation catalyst, does it help you to reinforce communication and attract, retain and make the best talents happier?

This workshop will provide you with simple analysis tools in order to validate the efficiency of a work environment and introduce you how to improve it. What about flexibility, mobility and additional services your premises can offer and make the whole difference for your employees? How to embrace that change? This workshop offers an introduction to proven concepts, which will allow you to go further by creating productive spaces and efficient offices, as adapted to your business issues.

Experts: Julien Thevenon and Grégoire Le Gall, JLL

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