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This is the first module of our No-code workshop. No-code is a software development approach that requires few, if any, programming skills to quickly build an application. This session will be two days long and will revolve around the use of Google tools to achieve that goal. The session will introduce the participants to the way no-code is working thanks to a visual integrated development environment. Google tools will be involve in the process of creating an app.

The participants will understand the opportunities that no-code offers and practice the use of this new approach who essentially hide the complexity of what users accomplish through simple maneuvers, such as dragging and dropping application components, to build an application.

Upon completion of this course, learners will be able to discover and understand the application and limitation of no-code with Google. The goal is for participants to build an application with the use of Google tools.


Creation of an App:

  • Googlesheet: learn how to make drop-down lists, styles according to conditions, checkbox, data validation,...
  • Transition to AppSheet: creation of the App, reports and profile, layout and automation
  • Creation of roles and rights depending on profiles
  • Aesthetics and design: color, logo, layout, highlighting when connected,...

Zertifikat, Diplom

This training does not have any assessment or exams; a certificate of participation will be issued to participants.

Zusätzliche Informationen

This course is offered in collaboration with WIDE (Women in Digital Empowerment).

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