Workshop psychosocial Risk Prevention - "Keskonfaisi?"

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The world of work is faced with ever-increasing pressure from the ever-changing demands for quality, profitability and efficiency. In addition to this, many employees and team leaders want to do their job as well as possible in the interest of the customer, their team or their company. This logically leads to a greater susceptibility to psychosocial risks and their numerous consequences. The prevention of psychosocial risks is therefore becoming a key issue that must be given the place it deserves in order to promote "living and working well together".

With this in mind, Pétillances has developed a fun and interactive training course that allows serious subjects to be tackled in a light and constructive manner through a game of goose that illustrates the various psychosocial risks present in organizations in a fun and very meaningful way. This game takes place over a day with a maximum of 15 people or over a half-day with a maximum of 9 people.


Participants will be divided into small teams that compete in a friendly game to reach the end of the game and win a prize. Each team has a pawn that it moves around the game according to the results of a roll of the dice. Each square poses a very concrete problem that must be prevented, solved or repaired afterwards. A summary document supports the learning and discoveries of the course.

Points abordés

  • Identify and evaluate PSRs and their symptoms for their colleagues as well as for themselves, whether it be stress, recurring illnesses, burnout, loss of self-esteem, conflicts, violence, etc.
  • Refer to good practices and concrete tools to reduce these risks.
  • React appropriately in case of crises or undesirable events while respecting the individual, the team, the company, as well as the labour law and the law.
  • Adopt appropriate interpersonal communication and provide the required support to their team members, specifically when they are going through a difficult period.
  • Actively participate in the establishment and maintenance of a safe and secure environment.
  • Develop good reflexes in terms of prevention, communication and solutions to problems such as alcohol or drug use in the workplace, theft, conflictual relationships, deaths, accidents, etc.

Informations supplémentaires

"Keskonfaisi?" is the winner of the 2018 National Occupational Safety and Health Award, presented by the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Social Security and the Ministry of Labor, all three signatories of the Vision Zero national charter.

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