Workshop - Conversation in French

Formation inter et intra-entreprise

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Exclusively for companies

Niveau atteint

CECRL - Niveau B1


12,00 heure(s)

Workshop: 50', 10 workshops in total

Langues(s) de prestation


Prochaine session


Learners with a level B1.1 are required


Develop your oral communication skills and fluency when conversing in French.


Discussions and conversations in French around situations based on themes to be agreed with your trainer.

Communicative skills level B:
  • You can take part in a conversation without preparation, formulate ideas, express emotions, tell a story and cope in a variety of everyday situations.
  • You have reached such a degree of spontaneity and fluency that you no longer have any difficulty in making an active contribution to lengthy discussions, describing situations with precision and defending your opinions.

Méthodes pédagogiques

Conversation guided by a trainer with different supports: news, videos,...



Certificat, diplôme

A certificate of attendance will be given at the end of the workshop.

Mode d'organisation

  • Open from 5 participants

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