Word 2016 - Document Collaboration

Blended learning

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  • Know the Windows environment
  • Basic knowledge of Word


Know the methods to work together on the same document. Gather and compare documents.


  • Track Changes
    • Activate the Track Changes mode
    • Use the different revision markups
    • The new Simple Markup
    • Show/hide revisions
    • Browse the document by revision changes
    • The Reviewing Pane
    • Accept or reject changes
    • Print with or without markup
  • Comments
    • Insert comments
    • Show comments
    • Reply to a comment
    • Mark a comment as resolved
    • Reopen a resolved comment
    • Delete comments
  • Sharing
    • Use the document inspector
    • Protect a document
    • Ensure compatibility with earlier versions
    • Define the document proprieties
  • Compare two documents
    • Compare 2 versions of a same document
    • Combine the revisions of several authors

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