User friendly web pages with JavaScript (C1611) - distance learning

Blended learning

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Anyone, working in a professional environment, wishing to create interactive and user-friendly websites using HTML and JavaScript.


30,00 heure(s)

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Successful completion of the module "Creating web pages with HTML and CSS" (C1601E) and "Introduction to programming" (C1610E) or proof of equivalent certified knowledge.


  • Acquire fundamental programming skills using JavaScript, a client-side language.
  • Develop simple functions in JavaScript to make websites more interactive.
  • Create user-friendly web forms.
  • Check the data given by the user and displaying a corresponding message.
  • Create a simple image gallery.
  • Use JavaScript libraries such as jQuery.
  • Find and correcting errors in JavaScript code using debugging tools.
  • Improve the usability of a Web page.


  • The concept of programming languages. Where we use Java Script. Practical exercises.
  • Simple types. Variables and operators. Practical exercises.
  • The concept event handlers. Simple examples. Simple standard functions. Practical exercises.
  • If statements. Loops. Practical exercises.
  • Writing functions. Practical exercises.
  • Arrays, objects. Predefined objects. More functions. Practical exercises.
  • Forms, forms validations. JavaScript Timing Events. Practical exercises.
  • Creating an images gallery. Practical exercises.
  • jQuery. Practical exercises.
  • Practical exercises.

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