Understanding and governance of information systems (C1643)

Formation inter-entreprise

À qui s'adresse la formation?

Anyone who wishes to better understand the information system (IS) of one’s company, made up of computerised and non-computerised elements, in order to gather and map the processed data, and then put in place a governance ensuring the security of these data and the legal compliance of the processing.


25,00 heure(s)

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  • Understand the components of the information system of one's organisation.
  • Explain and support compliance of one's IS.
  • Establish the mapping of information flows: databases, software, paper documents, etc.
  • Contribute to the action plan to develop one's IS and make it compliant with the principles of data protection.
  • Accompany the creation of the records of processing activities and assess them.
  • Set up the organisational and technical measures to ensure data are kept confidential and safe.
  • Set up required procedures: privacy by design and by default, respect of data subjects' rights, data breach notification, etc.
  • Ensure the means to guarantee the transparency and the traceability of the processing (accountability).


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