The relevance of communication to business decision-makers

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  • To understand the impact that communication can have on corporate strategy
  • To be aware of the strategic requirements that a communications team must meet
  • To recognise the right moment at which to involve communications teams
  • To know how to exploit communications results for the company


A decision-maker who incorporates communication into their strategic decision-making processes early on is able to better exploit their company’s human and financial performances, thus strengthening their company’s resistance to tough times and protecting its employees.

The workshop is aimed at business decision-makers who are not communicators/marketers but who must validate the communication strategies and plans drawn up by internal or external communication experts. It is aimed at decision-makers who want to be able to gauge the impact of communication and those who question the usefulness of communication with regards to corporate strategy.

How do you gauge something that appears not to have a tangible impact? What are the assessment criteria and the main performance indicators? At what point in the corporate strategy decision-making process should you involve communication experts? What are the errors to avoid and the opportunities to seize? Over the course of the workshop decision-makers will get answers to these questions, along with practical advice on the issues they care to raise.

Expert: Pascale Kauffman, Apollo Strategists

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