The manager as a coach - making the transition from push to pull-style of leading

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Under time-pressure and a result-oriented approach, it is tempting to solve all problems yourself, quickly and efficiently, as a manager.

This works paradoxically, however: the more independently your co-workers function, the more the problem-solving power as a team increases. Are you the lonely problem-solver to which everyone comes? Or are you the team coach who optimizes personal initiative and team spirit? Do you promote an increase of output of your team through combined initiative and increased maturity?

This is a “slow” investment that has to pick up speed, but which yields in the long run a team that can handle the changes in this fast-moving market place, more rapidly and more intelligently.

However, shifting from the self-solving management style to a style of teasing space-giver so as to optimize your team, is not an obvious shift to make for many. This training specifies the challenge, opens the eyes with discovery exercises, gives hints for diagnosis, and then proceeds to reinforce the competencies and attitude of the coaching approach of leadership.

  • Promote co-workers in their personal growth
  • Leading a conversation by asking questions
  • Distinguish when to instruct, when to lead by coaching
  • The coaching attitude in conversations


  • To instruct or ask questions – when is which the best option?
  • Making the transition to a self-improving organization culture
  • The art of mirroring by asking the right questions
  • The coaching of colleagues and co-workers – a shift in organizational culture
  • Leading a conversation by the art of asking questions
    • Is it only a question? … The power in asking questions
    • Taking the load out of an animated conversation by asking questions
    • Inviting to a responsible stance or constructive attitude by asking questions
    • To stand for the best solutions towards clients and colleagues
    • Application exercises
  • Communication skills for the coach
  • Exercising specific coaching and communication skills
  • From push to pull and back: play with taking the space or opening up the space
  • To adopt a coaching attitude, and let the silence do the heavy lifting
  • Principles of motivation – what motivates, besides a salary?

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Informations supplémentaires

Meet the Consultant, Mr Eric Schillemans

I have always been fascinated by man and their potential. Thus my trainings focus on meeting people, the discovery of deeper values and on personal development.

After my scientific studies at the University of Antwerpen I worked for several years as a teacher in secondary education. Thereafter I was a University assistant to train professors. For several years I devoted myself to international development aid, helping building schools in India and in the Ukraine. A wonderful period of my life!

For over ten years now I invest my passion into the profession of a trainer, consultant and coach in the world of business and in the public sector. In parallel, and for the last 30 years, I have been accompanying people in relaxation and the development of their own individual potential.

My references include Belgacom, Citroën, Direct Dialogue Fund, Dexia Invest Luxembourg, the European Social Fund, International Post Corporation, ITS Luxembourg, JC Décaux, Oxfam, the European Parliament, the City of Gent, the Belgian Railway Company, Toyota, UNICEF, and many others.

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