The basis of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


À qui s'adresse la formation?

The target audience are

  • employers who wish to understand what is GDPR and what does it imply
  • employers who wish to train their staff to the different legal obligations as private or public companies
  • Individuals who wish to understand their rights regarding their personal data

There are no prerequisites to this training.


1,00 unité(s) de 50 min

20 minutes

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The main objective of this 20' e-learning training is to present the basis of the General Data Protection Regulation in place in Luxembourg.
At the end of this training you will have a clear overview of the legal principles and obligations and duties for private and public entities as well as the rights of the individuals. We will distinguish between the role of data processor and the data collector and we will show what it implies as legal obligations.


During the course of the training we will cover:


Definition of GDPR and presentation of the different related actors impacted.

Module 1:

Rights and duties as individuals and employer.

Module 2:

Violation of personal data: What is a violation of personal data, what does it imply, what are your rights as individual, what are your obligations as employer.

Module 3:

Data Protection Officer: Presentation of the Data Protection Officer role and duties.

Module 4:

GDPR in our world, what happened since the implementation?

Points abordés

  • What is the CNPD, its role and responsibilities
  • Rights and obligations as individuals
  • Rights and obligations as a private or public entities
  • Violation of personal data: what to do, how to report
  • Data protection officer: role and responsibilities
  • GDPR in your daily business

Méthodes pédagogiques

Interactive course with audio and quiz (true/false, multiple choice questions)


Quizz: 10 questions

Certificat, diplôme

Nominative certificate will be issued to each participant

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