Sustainable Finance - The Case of Green, Social and Sustainability Bonds and ESG Funds (advanced)

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All professionals working in banks, asset management, insurance companies and other financial institutions who need to capture knowledge & best practices onGreen, Social and Sustainability Bonds and ESG Funds.


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Green, Social and Sustainability bonds (GSS bonds), as well as ESG funds, have emerged as important and innovative tools in the field of Sustainable Finance. Sovereigns, multinationals and corporates are increasingly considering GSS bonds in order to raise funds for their ESG investments. On the other side, asset managers are launching investment funds that incorporate ESG factors and risks, and even try to measure their environmental impact, to meet investors’ increasing demand. Different terminologies, standards and players exist in the market.

This course will focus on giving clarity on the products currently available on the Sustainable Finance market with a specific focus on GSS Bonds and ESG funds, as flagship products.

Participants will explore the current products available and in development on the market, and will benefit from concrete examples of their application. Participants will also learn about the importance of reporting and verification and the new market and regulatory developments in this field.


Part 1 - Green, Social and Sustainability Bond Market (3 hours) (with an issuer as guest speaker)

You will learn what GSS Bonds are and what the main differentiators between each category of bond are. Participants will receive insights on the latest state of the GSS market and study concrete examples of GSS Bonds and the projects that they finance.

Part 2 - Market Standards (2 hours)

You will learn about the current market standards available and the factors differentiating them. This part will introduce the different opportunities and constraints between different approaches. Finally, participants will receive a detailed explanation of the requirements set out in the world's most applied and accepted guidelines, ICMA’s Green Bond Principles and the upcoming EU GBS.

Part 3 - Reporting and Review (3 hours) (with a reviewer as guest speaker)

You will learn why reporting in Sustainable Finance is necessary both from an issuer and investor perspective by contextualising these reports in the case of GSS Bonds. You will also be introduced to the minimum reporting requirements and best practices available on the market. Participants will also learn why an external review is now such a crucial element in the world of Sustainable Finance and you will also be introduced to the different types of external reviews available on the market, and who the major players are.

Part 4 - ESG Funds (2 hours)

You will learn about how to integrate ESG factors and ESG risks in investment decisions, notably by explaining and illustrating the different strategies used by portfolio managers. You will also gain insight on how the integration of ESG factors and risks can impact the funds’ lifecycle, from manufacturing, impact measurement and reporting to distribution. Finally, you will get a chance to debate on the impacts of existing and upcoming ESG-related regulations on investment funds.


At the end of the training, a certificate of attendance will be available either on your client account or on demand to the customer service.

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