Stock Trading for Traders (level 4: assessment)

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This one day interactive course is the fourth level and final assessment of a 7-day programme split into 4 levels, dedicated to the community of professional traders of financial instruments.


Prior to attending this level 4 assessment course, it is strongly recommended to have completed:

  • Stock Trading for Traders (level 1: basics)
  • Stock Trading for Traders (level 2: intermediate)
  • Stock Trading for Traders (level 3: advanced)
  • Money management & risk management strategies
  • Learn how to keep a trading journal and the points to include in it
  • Key lessons for obtaining a consistent and steady capital growth
  • Learn about buying in dips and selling on rallies
  • Hands on practice with technical indicators on a live market to get you ready for your business
  • Understand trading in difficulttimes and keeping/moving your positions


  • Getting with trading on live markets
  • Difference in spreads on financial instruments
  • Recap on concepts learned
  • Testing trading knowledge and skills
  • Placing a trade
  • Post trade challenges in trading
  • Key takeaways from trading live

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