Stock Trading for Traders (level 2: intermediate)

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It is strongly recommended to have completed Stock Trading for Traders (level 1: basics) prior to attending this level 2 course.


This two day interactive course is the second level of a 7-day programme split into 4 levels, dedicated to the community of professional traders of financial instruments.You will learn to navigate and use technicalanalysis tools on a demo platform where you can get started immediately without any financial risks.

In this module we discuss just what makes up technical analysis and what its capabilities are, together with an outline of how it works, and why it is essential to successfully trade in a multitude of markets.

Next steps:
Once you have completed this level 2 course, it is recommended to complete the programme by attending the next levels:

  • Stock Trading for Traders (level 3: advanced)
  • Stock Trading for Traders (level 4: assessment)
  • Understand the "Market action" - significance of Price & Volume generating an "Open interest" in the market
  • Identify the levels of support & resistance impacting the price movements
  • Learn different types of charts and the information associated with the candlesticks
  • Familiarise yourself with trendlines to know the direction of the market
  • Accurately measure both your risk and the expected profit target before entering the trade
  • Key understanding on timing your entries and exits by analysingthe structure of the markets


  • Sentiment indicators
  • Building a trading plan
  • Impact of indices on stocks
  • Channel trading
  • Moving averages
  • Contracts for difference
  • Golden rules for traders
  • Risk management in Trading
  • Entry and Exit strategies
  • Leverage
  • Inflation
  • Convergence & Divergence
  • Risk Vs Reward
  • Interactive exercise


Upon completion of levels 1, 2 and 3, you are invited to complete the  level 4 assessment .

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