Risk management for FinTech platforms (S-GA0014)

Formation inter-entreprise

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Alll professionals aiming to get an understanding of risk management for FinTech platforms.


16,00 heure(s)

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Convey a deeper understanding of specific risk management issues implicit in the new emerging FinTech platforms. Participants following the training should have a clear understanding of the risks implicit in the new FinTech industry. Participants will also gain an advanced understanding of risk measurement issues.


  • General introduction.
  • Risk management for FinTech credit platforms:
    • the different business models and their risks;
    • the integrated risk management process;
    • different measurement techniques;
    • artficial intelligence used in the FinTech credit industry.
  • Risk management issues for decentralized finance:
    • the Blockchain market microstructure;
    • risk management issues for Blockchains;
    • cyber risks: pricing and risk management issues.
  • Conclusion:a perspective on the evolution of risk management in light of recent technological developments.

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