Python Basics: Intermediate Programming - Débutant / intermédiaire (IN-PGR-7 2023/2024)

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Some programming experience required.
Competence in English required.
Basic math skills required.
Ability to use a computer, knowledge of how a browser works (how to download, how to install a programme, use Google etc.).


The course teaches intermediate concepts of programming and scientific data analysis using the Python programming language. Some previous programming experience desirable. The goal is to familiarise the students with intermediate design and coding approaches and indicate how those are used in the industry and in various jobs.


  • Understanding of the basic principles of Python
    • Familiarity with Spyder IDE/Jupiter Notebooks
    • Being able to explain the basic concepts of a computer program, and a programming language
    • Being able to define and use variables
    • Being able to describe the concept of a data type and determine the data type of a variable
  • Knowledge of basic Python Syntax
    • Being able to conduct basic data type conversions
    • Being able to store and access values in a list
    • Being able to explain the concept of an index value
    • Being able to use Jupiter notebooks for writing and documenting your code
    • Being able to create a for loop
    • Being able to understand the logic of conditional statements and comparison operators
  • Knowledge of basic Python Libraries
    • Being able to explain what a Python module is and how they can be used
    • Being able to search for documentation about a module
    • Being able to read tabular data from a file using the Pandas module
    • Being able to understand the structure and basic functionality of a Pandas DataFrame
    • Being able to explore data in a Pandas DataFrame
  • Knowledge of basic Python Functions
    • Being able to explain how functions are used and why they are useful
    • Being able to create simple functions with parameters and return values
    • Being able to manage and analyze tabular data using Pandas
    • Being able to understand common Python errors
  • Knowledge of basic Python Visualisations
    • Being able to visualize tabular data using matplotlib
    • Being able to manipulate plot formatting
    • Being able to save plots as image files
  • Knowledge of uses of Python and programming in the industry
    • example uses

Certificat, diplôme

Certificat de participation du MENJE (Condition : 70% de taux de participation)

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EN 90,00€

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Les inscriptions et les demandes d'informations s'effectuent directement auprès de l'organisateur qui délivre la formation.

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