Purposeful Leadership: ESG Program

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  • Professionals with a similar level of responsibility

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7,50 heure(s)

90-minute virtual peer coaching sessions - one per month for 5 months.

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ESG now heads the corporate agenda. Companies are under pressure to deliver. Yet a company is not a decisionmaker. Behind companies are people, making decisions by the hour. This is why corporate ESG starts with the individual.


Take part in meaningful conversations and develop honest human relationships through guided joint reflection and brainstorming. The program brings together Board and C-suite professionals who have no formal accountability or interaction with each other and sets them to work on content from renowned management thinkers. Participants acquire deep learnings that would not be available otherwise, sharing them with their professional environment and creating breakthroughs for the whole organization.They have the possibility to experience, be coached and apply the change to Purposeful Leadership during the programme.

Points abordés

  • 1. Building Purpose in Life and Work:Explore your own personalpurpose and how you can create amore purpose-driven organization. One Planet Business
  • 2. Learn to play the important role of inspiring others to create innovations that foster sustainability.
  • 3. Leading with Humility: Create a culture of "speaking out" about what is going on in the face of multi-faceted problems.
  • 4. Co-Development- Accelerating Goal Achievement:Explore an approach inspired by social learning and co-creativity to resolve complex problems.
  • 5. A Leader’s Health Action Plan:Promote a healthy lifestyle by incorporating simple health tools into your busy work day.

Méthodes pédagogiques

  • Groups of 4 to 5 participants from different companies, with a similar level of responsibility.
  • Guided discussions on leadership topics.

Certificat, diplôme

Certified Leadership Program

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