Private Equity - Administration (certified path)

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Mutual Funds Professionals willing to acquire substantial knowledge of the Private Equity fund administration and depositary activities. Alternative Funds Professionals aiming at developing their understanding of Private Equity specifics in the fields of fund structuring and monitoring, valuation and performance calculation/attribution.

Other Professionals active in AIFMs, legal, audit and advisory firms etc. eager to benefit from an extensive overview of Private Equity business processes.


16,00 heure(s)

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The objective of this certification is to develop the skills necessary to understand the operational processing of private equity investment funds.


This certification is composed of 3 Private Equity Fundamentals modules available in English:

  • Private Equity Fundamentals (8h)
  • Fundamentals of Fund Set Up and Structuring (4h)
  • Fundamentals of the Roles and Responsibilities of PE Professionals (4h)


Examination: It is possible to pass an examination for the modules composing this programme.

Certificat, diplôme

Those wishing to obtain the certificate must have passed the exam of each listed module, then send a request for a certificate to our Customer Service. The House of Training will then send the certificate/diploma.

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This certification is only available in english.

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