Playing to win—business strategy in the Investment Management industry

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  • Understand the importance of—and how—to make strategic choices;
  • Addressing the value drivers of your target operating model in light of an innovation driven agenda.


To address strategic challenges of today, stakeholders of the investment management industry in Luxembourg tend to focus on operational aspects of their business. Often their goal is to perform similar activities (e.g. NAV accounting) either better, faster, less expensive or at a higher quality than their competition. This is often considered a strategic decision, but is in fact frequently driven by designing and implementing the appropriate operating model. Sound strategy visioning and target operating model design are both essential to superior performance. How to approach this top down visioning will be the first part of this interactive workshop.

Defining a strategy means making choices. The second part of the workshop will provide the participants with specific decision making models and concrete examples that can be replicated in any industry and demonstrate why making decisions is a core part of every strategy. To be able to select a specific business growth strategy, companies need to understand their customers and their needs. However, understanding clients’ needs requires an understanding of the available choices before making a product specific decision. How to break down this decision path and identify where to position the company in order to influence your market segment will be covered by the third part of the workshop.

Additionally, the workshop will touch on innovation and provide participants with a simple organization system to facilitate and make innovation more efficient—a key capacity to differentiate and create truly sustainable competitive advantage.

Experts : Simon Ramos, Partner - Advisory & Consulting Investment Management Leader (Deloitte)

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