Overview of the logistics sector (C7000)

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Anyone currently active in the sector wishing to establish his / her understanding of the sector and to take advantage of the possibilities of internal mobility to develop his or her job, or anyone considering retraining in this sector.


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  • Learn about the origin, the evolution and the scope of the logistics core-concept.
  • Define the components of this sector, its challenges and its opportunities in Luxembourg.
  • Get an overview on the logistics functions: supply, production, distribution and demand management.
  • Identify the jobs and the profiles opportunities.
  • Understand the organizations and types of logistics companies: logisticsand transport, industrial logistics, health services, events, etc.
  • Understand the concept of operations management, warehouse management and transportation management.
  • Use the English and French specific vocabulary.


  • Introduction with a presentation of the world of the logistic sector, its history and geography in connection with the evolution of logistics at global/European level and at Luxembourg level.
  • The logistic chain and its 10 distinct steps.
  • Identification of the main internal and external actors of the logistics chain, their roles and their interactions.
  • Introduction to vocabulary / technical terms and codification required for logistics.
  • Introduction to the various modes of transport and the inherent documentation from A to Z (HAWB / MAWB / FFM / CUSTOMS / etc.) related to transport and logistics.
  • Functioning of a common logistic company: structure, organization, departments, etc.
  • Identification of different logistic modes: industrial logistics, events, retail, health, etc.
  • Presentation of the transport and logistics professions.

Handle a complex operation in a case study with variable factors.

  • Information systems / IT in logistics.
  • Summary and exercises to prepare the exam.

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