IT Costs & Workload Estimates – Overview of the estimation techniques

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Target audience

  • You are interested in understanding how various estimation techniques can help you to correctly evaluate your IT project costs and efforts and so efficiently allocate resources to tasks
  • You are a project manager, scrum master, solution architect, lead analyst, lead developer or team manager involved in workload and costs estimating within the scope of software development project

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Your expectations
  • Discover and understand how estimation techniques can help you in your project effort estimation activities
  • Assess pros & cons of various workload estimation approaches
  • Implement and use well-proven estimation techniques in your working environment in order to better plan the human resources allocation to project tasks
  • Provide and better communicate soundly-based estimates to your project stakeholders


What will you learn?
  • Why correctly estimating is a key criteria for the success of a project
  • What are the prerequisites needed for a efficient workload estimation
  • What are the influencing factors to take into account and the most common errors to avoid when estimating project activities
  • Which appropriate costs estimation technique to select according to your project environment and how to use it
  • How to efficiently communicate estimates

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