Introduction to Network Security

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Have a general knowledge in IT operations


This course aims to educate participants on basic network security good practices; possible network attacks; how to assess the security of their networks and apply corrective measures.

This course will introduce the participants to:

  • Design systems and architectures based on security and privacy by design and by defaults cybersecurity principles.
  • Select appropriate specifications, procedures, and controls.
  • Build resilience against points of failure across the architecture.

Students will learn how to:

  • Good practices regarding network security.
  • Understand classic network attacks and their technical details.
  • Understand the security challenges in the design and implementation of the TCP/IP protocols.
  • Understand the fundamental attack (ethical hacking) and defence skills in network security.
  • Implement Firewall, VPN, sniffer, spoofing, etc.


Networking is one of the more challenging topics in the computer field, due to the fact that so many technologies are involved, and these technologies are evolving.

IT professionals and network administrators, in particular, must know how to securely install, and configure networking software, protocols, services, and devices and troubleshoot effectively.

The introduction to network security would provide participants with the necessary skills to design, configure, assess and monitor the security of their organization's network.

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