Introduction to Blockchain (S-IT0058)

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Non-technical, corporate decision makers and their teams, government agenceis, policy makers, investors.


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Acquire a fundamental understanding of what Blockchain is and develop autonomy in one's reasoning on the subject of Blockchain.The training covers a large range of topics from Blockchain's history to its design, functioning, business implications, applications, smart contracts, crypto assets and Blockchain roadblocks. An interactive creative session handles the Blockchain features and characteristics by combining them into innovative use cases.


  • Blockchain Background:
    • traditional transaction database
    • blockchain emergence
  • Blockchain Serious Game:
    • economy, moneyand pricing
    • ownership rightsand proof of ownership
    • trusted social environements, central databases, blockchains
    • creating your own Blockchain with paperand plastic boxes
  • Understanding Blockchain functioning:
    • basic elements
    • protocol design principles
    • protocol functions
    • features of consensus creation
    • identification and ownership
  • Intersection between blockchain technology and legal compliance:
    • relativity of guarantee of registry
    • liability and blockchain's borderless nature
    • GDPR and blockchain's immutable nature
    • crypto-assets and security offering regulation
  • Blockchain simulation:
    • hash, nonce, trial and error
    • blockchain operational overview
    • online blockchain simulation
  • Business implementation considerations:
    • definitions
    • token generations
    • initial coin offering / security token offering / token generation event
    • utility tokens: paradigm shift
    • TGE launch process
    • TGE advantages and disavantages
  • Case studies:
    • Axa: flight delay insurance
    • Ibisa: mutual micro farming insurance
    • Bext360: coffee on the blockchain
    • Nightfall: business on ethereum
  • Do I need a Blockchain?
    • suichies model
    • meunier model
    • RMIT model

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