How to prepare an efficient Training Plan

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This seminar targets new entrants in the T&D field in Luxembourg on the one hand, as well those professionals who are called upon to implement a Training Plan as per the regulations set forth by the law pertaining to co-funding of training.

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This seminar aims to familiarise its participants with the efficient implementation of a Training Plan as per their organisation's T&D strategy as well as the regulatory requirements as per the laws pertaining to ongoing training.


  • Introduction
    • Training plan - a key element of HR management
    • Reminder: Mission of the HRD
  • Predicitve Management of employment and skills planning (GPEC)
    • Definition of competence
    • Practical problems in the field
    • Competency assessment: How?
    • Competency matrix
    • Evolution of competences
  • Training plan
    • Ex-ante training plan
    • Ex-post training plan
    • Tools
  • Amended law from the 22th of June 1999 on continuing vocational training
    • Objectives of this law:
      • Role Ministry of Education / INFPC
      • Financial participation of the STATE
      • Forms and deadlines
      • Eligible costs
      • Mandatory documentation
  • Identification of training needs according to the company's strategy
    • Elaboration of the competences of a reference system of competences
    • Practical examples
    • Analysis of the company's needs
    • Survey of staff requests
    • Weighting of requests/needs
    • Prioritisation of training needs
  • Drawing up the budget
    • Direct costs
    • Indirect costs
  • Putting the training plan into practice
    • Choice of trainers
    • Sources of information
    • Administrative follow-up
  • Evaluation of training courses
    • Evaluation criteria
    • Evaluation forms
    • Evaluation by participants
    • Evaluation by managers
    • Evaluation by the training manager
    • Feedback to trainers
  • ROI or ROE of the training
  • Questions & answers

Certificat, diplôme

A certificate will be delivered to each participant.

Informations supplémentaires

  • Number of participants is limited to 6.
  • Interactive and practice-based seminar

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