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Luxembourg is strongly positioned to benefit from a combination of beneficial factors affecting this important market sector:
Fund managers and investors have been seeking regulated as opposed to unregulated off-shore vehicles and have been exploiting the possibilities of UCITS funds in this context.
Changes relating to the Alternative Investment Fund Managers (AIFM) directive are helping Luxembourg establish itself as an important alternative fund centre.
Appetite is growing once again for absolute return type solutions.
For all these reasons, House of Training and ALFI have decided to provide unique training opportunities in Luxembourg, targeting those who are directly involved in the day to day work.

The Hedge Funds modules have been designed for the following persons:

  • Hedge fund service providers
  • Back office agents
  • Fund accountants
  • Operations & client service managers
  • Those involved in hedge fund custody
  • Those interested in gaining a deeper knowledge in the specifics of hedge funds, accounting and custody.


The training offer includes three training modules available in English.
The first module provides a theoretical basis and common language for understanding hedge funds. The other two modules then provide a valuable market accepted view on specific applied, operational, accounting and IFRS aspects applicable to both hedge funds and funds of hedge funds.

Importantly all courses provide a practical explanation to those involved in hedge fund administration and concentrate on those matters most relevant to Luxembourg in this context.

  • Hedge Funds - Fundamentals 8h
  • Hedge Funds - Understanding the Specifics of Accounting and Custody 8h
  • Funds of Hedge Funds - Understanding the Specifics of Accounting and Custody 8h

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Examination: It is possible to pass an examination f or each of the modules composing this programme. Certification: Those wishing to obtain the certificate must pass all exams of the listed modules and send a request for a certificate to our Customer Service. The House of Training will then send the certificate/diploma.

Others Info:

Registration to each training has to be done separately, They will redirect you to the training page, where you will find related information, as well as the registration button to the training and to the exam.

All the modules of this training pathway are offered in English.

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