Getting the right emphasis on Leadership development; Teaching fish to climb trees!

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  • Understanding the importance of focusing (and in so doing defining exactly what we mean by!) on soft (vs hard/technical skills – what research tells us?
  • Appreciating that there differences between soft skills required of different leadership levels and organisational structures
  • Differentiating between soft skills for performance evaluation and potential development in leaders
  • Understanding the different development strategies for different leadership development routes


The terms "Management" and "Leadership" are often used interchangeably while they actually require different skills for success - with certain leaders needing to master skills that they never thought they might need to. Leaders are usually at the position they are at because, inter alia, they have proven that they master the technical skills that the position require and / or that have the right substitute skills or personnel to deal with these. The key differentiator between success and failure, being good or great lies with the mastery of key "behavioural" (or what we sometimes call "soft" skills).

In this workshop we will take a deep dive into what is concretely meant by soft skills and why research demonstrates that they are so much more important than technical ones for managers at all levels. And we will very much look at what research tells us about what soft skills are required at different levels of management and at different types of organisations. Basically, what why some leaders might need to mater the skills required to climb trees or not!

Expert: Gilbert Renel, Rocc.

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