French/Français B2

Formation inter et intra-entreprise

À qui s'adresse la formation?

Anyone with the desire to improve their language skills

Niveau atteint

CECRL - Niveau B2


8,00 semaine(s)

90 mins, 2x/Week (15x90mins)

Langues(s) de prestation


Prochaine session


An oral placement test is made either in person or through the phone. This test defines the students current level.


  • To improve the language comprehension
  • To develop the ability of expression
  • To increase the knowledge of vocabulary and grammar
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  • Express opinions and defend your point of view in debates
  • Use proverbs and expressions
  • Use the appropriate terminology in all kind of situations

Méthodes pédagogiques

  • Focus on speaking skills
  • Grammar taught inductively
  • Balance between accuracy and fluency practice


Oral and written test

Certificat, diplôme

Certificat Berlitz et certificat de participation

Mode d'organisation

Groups of minimum 4 and maximum 8 people. Course also available for individual classes.

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