Fighting money laundering - all Luxembourg-based companies affected

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  • To gain an understanding of the definition of an effective beneficiary
  • To identify the data that will need to be gathered by Luxembourg-based companies and submitted to the central register
  • To know who will have access to the central register of effective beneficiaries and under what conditions
  • To be familiar with the responsibilities that will fall upon the various players involved in the event of non-compliance


The law is now imposing a series of obligations that any company established in Luxembourg are required to fulfil, regardless of the field in which it operates.

Indeed, the Luxembourg legislator is now required to transpose the fourth anti-money laundering directive. Alongside the obligation of due diligence towards clients by which Luxembourg-based professionals (banks, insurance companies, lawyers, notaries, finance professionals, property agents, etc.) are currently bound, all Luxembourg-based companies are required to gather and to hold appropriate, accurate and up-to-date information regarding their effective beneficiaries (including details of the effective interests held).

This data must then be submitted to a central register of effective beneficiaries (to be put in place by the Luxembourg legislator). The workshop will provide an opportunity to better understand questions that Luxembourg-based professionals currently have with regards to their professional obligations and to understand the obligations soon to be imposed upon Luxembourg-based companies through a series of practical examples.

Expert: Carine Lecoq, Dentons

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