Feedback culture: awakening strength... or how to avoid switching to the dark side

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  • Establish and share a feedback culture;
  • Building a real coaching culture;
  • Define individual objectives in a cascade based on business objectives;
  • Lead by example and inspire up and down.


The boundary between motivating feedback and inadequate feedback is sometimes so imperceptible that it is often only a word, an attitude, a moment. It’s not always easy to feel ready and get started... Feedback is a powerful tool for management and positive communication. You wish to develop the potential of your employees and generate a collective force within the company? You want to improve the efficiency and performance of your employees? We will provide you with various techniques and tools to give and receive feedback which, illustrated by concrete examples, will be easily transposable as soon as this workshop is over.

Expert: Joëlle Marsot (MNKS).

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