Exploring and understanding Digital Identities/Self Sovereign Identity and Digital Wallets

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This course is designed for any participant that intends to formulate the first level of knowledge of digital credentials (verifiable credentials), blockchain, and digital wallets.

The participants are not required to have prior knowledge of programming language, blockchain, and digital credentials. All concepts will be explained smoothly from scratch so for the audience will be able to understand them entirely.


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No prior, specific knowledge, is required for attending this course


  • Understanding of digital identities
  • Understanding the concept of verifiable credentials, digital wallets and decentralized identifiers
  • Understanding the relationship of blockchain with digital identities
  • Understanding Self Sovereign Identity Model (ISSUER, HOLDERS, VERIFIERS)
  • Knowing the current state of the play market for SSI
  • Understanding credentials, digital credentials, verifiable credentials, and principles of Self Sovereign Identity (SSI)
  • Exploring and understanding Verifiable Credentials Data Model i.e., SSI standards (W3C), eIDAS Regulation
  • Understanding Self Sovereign Identity Model (ISSUER, HOLDERS, VERIFIERS)
  • Understanding decentralized identifiers (DID) and DID Schemas
  • Digital Wallet and Management of Digital Credentials in Self Sovereign manner (only holder decides which credentials to share)
  • To perform a Hands-on example on verifiable credentials and digital wallet
  • To know the current state of the play market for SSI (EBSI, Hyperledger Indy, TOKEN project)
  • EBSI-Diploma use case for SSI (Issuer-Holder-Verifier)


The course intends to explore a comprehensive understanding of digital identities. It will guide participants through understanding the concept of verifiable credentials (digital identities), digital wallets, blockchain, and decentralized identifiers. At the end of the course, the participant will acquire knowledge of the whole schema of digital identities.

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