Essentials of financial derivative instruments (S1215)

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This program is dedicated to professionals of the financial markets : traders, back/middle office, risk managers, accountants, compliance officers, etc.


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This program aims to present the features, risks and uses of financial derivatives for non practitioners, in a clear, practical way with numerous realmarket examples.


  • General about derivatives instrumentsand markets:
    • OTC market vs exchanges;
  • Introducing forward products:
    • futures and forwards onstock indexes;
    • IRS swaps;
    • options on stocksand stock indexes;
    • bonds & interest rates;
    • currencies;
  • Commodities:
    • principle & main uses (hedging, speculative trading).
  • Credit derivatives:
    • the default risk concept and measure;
    • contractual aspects (ISDA).
  • Products:
  • CDS, TRS.

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