Efficient Time Management for Professionals

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Any person wishing to understand time perception traps, to feel more in control, and to discover new tools to optimize his/her daily habits for a greater time efficiency.

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  • Acquire practical time management skills and techniques for scheduling, planning and prioritising work.
  • Understand and implement a consistent time management system to feel more in control and to free your intellectual capacity.


Analyze your current time organization
  • Expose and reduce your hidden time stealers.
  • Uncover untapped time sources.

Self-diagnosis: through a personal questionnaire and exercises.

Understand the laws of time and productivity
  • Outsmart human time perception biases.
  • Use human peak physiological performance in your day.
  • Achieve stress-free higher brain performance.

Exercise: simulations using a time management system.

Optimize your personal organization for time efficiency
  • Prioritize workload and key tasks.
  • Evaluate available time and communicate efficiently at work.
  • Boost your productivity with apps.
  • Appropriate proven productivity routines and tricks.
  • Set your mind for successful change.

Implementation: tailoring of essential time efficiency tools for immediate use.
Exercise: personal action plan.

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