Artificial Intelligence Value Discovery Analysis

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Participants should have any form of work experience with "Processes" in any type of organisation.


AI Value Discovery Analysis aims at identifying with participants AI use-cases for their organization that have the potential to deliver rapid and significant ROI and explore related business opportunities.

At the end of the training sessons, participants will be able to understand both benefits and risks, as well as the aspects of AI that may fit the needs of their Organization. They will be able to apply a methodology to identify and evaluate the potential ROI of AI solution implementation.

  • AI readiness check: hands-on guide to explore AI opportunities in your business
  • How to identify use cases with best ROI
  • Step-by-step guide on how to move your business towards an "augmented organisation”
  • Design of intelligent processes and systems
  • Integrating AI in your processes and guided tour of AI application in various organisations


AIVDA is an adaptative and hybrid training workshop that enable to discover and harness the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in just two days. Participants will actively exchange with AI and Process Specialists to scope AI solutions' potential and to develop new ideas and visions for their organization.

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This training is hybrid as it offers both theoritical knowledge and case study workshops to practice on different business cases applied to Industrial and Financial sectors.

Attendants will be able to choose one of the 2 sectors that they would prefer to elaborate the AI case (in small group) depending on their preference and their professional experience.

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