Best Practices Webex - Make Your Online Exchanges Dynamic

Formation inter-entreprise

À qui s'adresse la formation?

This course is addressed to any Webex user willing to engage the participants into collaborative conversations so as to facilitate meetings, training etc.


3,50 heure(s)

Langues(s) de prestation


Prochaine session


  • Good basic knowledge of Webex by Cisco
  • Good knowledge of the use of the Windows environment


After the training the participant shall be able to:

  • Be more comfortable using Webex by Cisco in general, and the software's functionalities adequate for facilitating exchanges (meetings, training sessions, etc.) at a distance
  • Put into practice, with the help of Webex by Cisco, special techniques to capture, maintain the attention and the involvement of the participants from one end to the other of the event


Webex and online exchanges

  • Reminders Webex
  • Challenges of remote professional meetings; role of the facilitator
  • Keys of success of a special remote facilitation to foster participation

Getting organised and prepared with Webex

  • Facilitate remotely with brilliance thanks to Webex
  • Define an achievable objective in a short time
  • Structure your facilitation to achieve your objective
  • Plan the modalities: speaking, collaborative work...
  • Engage participants in advance with Webex

Facilitate remotely with brilliance thanks to Webex

  • Introduce the meeting in a friendly, dynamic and effective way
  • Capture participants' attention and encourage their commitment from the start
  • Use special techniques in connection with Webex to enhance interactions and maintain participants' involvement throughout the meeting (meeting, training, etc.)
    • Document sharing
    • Whiteboard
    • Survey
    • Use of the chat room
    • Working in sub-groups
  • Successfully involving everyone, circulating the word, appreciating and summarising
  • Encourage reflection and cooperative work by integrating points of view in a constructive manner
  • Manage digressions, delicate situations and difficult participants in an assertive manner

Certificat, diplôme

By the end of the training, the trainee will receive a statement of participation issued by the House of Training.

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