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Achieving the best customer service with the winning combination of knowledge, skills, and attitude, for the frontline airline customer service professionals, such as ticket reservation staff, check-in and gate agents, and cabin crew, they all work in one of the most dynamic industries. The airlines need to keep up with the high demands of the customers and the social media. We will train and provide you tools how to get fit and stay competitive.


1. Aviation Security Awareness
2. Introduction to Safety Management Systems
3. Airline Customer Service
4. Dangerous Goods Regulations DGR CAT9

Points abordés

Aviation Security Awareness

I. Threats to Civil Aviation
II. Role of ICAO, IATA and ACI in AVSEC
III. Regulating AVSEC – International Conventions, Annex 17, Document 8973/8 & the IATA
IV. Managing Access Control - People & Vehicles
V. Security Measures for Passengers and their Baggage
VI. Security Measures for Cargo, Mail and Catering
VII. Response to Bomb Threats
VIII. Security Awareness in the Airport Environment
IX. In-flight Security Measures

Introduction to Safety Management Systems

I. Introduction to Safety Management System SMS
II. Safety Policy and Objectives
III. Safety Risk Management
IV. Safety Assurances
V. Safety Promotion
VI. Integrating Airline Management System SMS
VII. The Regulatory Authority’s Role in SMS Oversights
VIII. SMS Implementation Requirements
IX. Conclusions

Airline Customer Service

I. A Better Standard of Customer Service
II. New Trends in Customer Service
III. Customer Perception
IV. Customer Contact Techniques
V. Social Styles and Tact: Cross-Cultural Awareness
VI. Dealing with Complaints
X. Managing Stress and Pressure

Dangerous Goods Regulations DGR Cat9


After each module and after the final exam, all those who pass, will be rewarded with a Certificate of the Aviation Academy Luxembourg SA, IATA certification is optional.

Certificat, diplôme

Certification by the Aviation Academy Luxembourg SA.Training according to IATA standards, IATA certification optional.

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