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This workshop is suited for teenagers from 12 to 18 years old.


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No prior knowledge of coding or computer science needed.


After a short introduction to artificial intelligence (AI), its role in our daily lives and scientific research currently done on the topic, pupils discover that this technology can be used to create works of art.

They first learn how to design an unplugged AI, from collecting and preparing the data to training and finally evaluating the AI. They then use computer programming to produce drawings. The participants have some time to explore by themselves the possibilities offered by these new tools and will then be able to continue practicing at home. Through presentations and hands-on activities, this workshop highlights the importance of data and how it can be used to train intelligent machines, and let the participants form their own opinion on AI. The workshop also invites them to reflect on questions such as: Can intelligent machines perform art? Does computer science involve or even require creativity?

  • Discover the state of art in artificial intelligence
  • Design an unplugged AI
  • Experiment Art making with AI
  • Learn basic Java coding in processing
  • Coding notions such as variables, functions, conditions, loops, etc.


Society is undergoing a rapid digital transformation and smart technologies integrating artificial intelligence have become part of our daily life. It is now more than ever crucial to familiarize young generations with the science behind these devices: a deeper understanding of their inner workings is needed to use the technology confidently and securely. By discovering how artificial intelligence can be used to create works of art, they learn how to design an unplugged AI and use computer programming to produce drawings. Working with images makes it easy to understand the power of computational methods and teenagers - of all ages and genders - have a lot of fun exploring the endless possibilities.

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