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EPALE Newscast November 2023 - Adult learning and education goes international!


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Let’s take a step outside of the European Union and consider how our own ALE systems align with international priorities.

What’s on the menu for this edition?

We will take stock of the EPALE Community Conference, see where other events and resources stand, but we will also invite Nicolas Jonas, Team Leader at the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning to outline for us the main outcomes of the CONFINTEA regional follow-up for Europe.

UNESCO organises the CONFINTEA (Conférence internationale sur l'éducation des adultes, in French) to bring together ministries, civil society and other key stakeholders in adult learning and education and discuss new frameworks for global ALE. CONFINTEA is one of those "once in a lifetime" highlights for adult education professionals, as it only takes place every 12 years. The last meeting gave us the Marrakech Framework for Action, a programmatic framework for the entire world.

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