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Cap4 Lab  S.à r.l.

Über uns

Founded in 2016, Cap4 Lab is a Luxembourg-based company specialized in API development and integration strategies. This company englobes a combination of business and technology expertise that helps customers to unlock their potential in the development of new digital business models.

From the design of business processes to the implementation of stable and secure cutting-edge technologies, Cap4 Lab offers high value-added operational consulting services, and aims to distinguish itself through the quality of its services and consultancy.

The company also promotes continuing vocational training for the achievement of certificates and/or diplomas, especially in areas related to new technologies.

Our company's experience in the field of distribution, aviation, financial services, insurance, satellites, civil aviation, industry and general services makes it the ideal partner for organizations that want to innovate themselves in complete safety.

The high competence of our engineers and developers allows us to integrate our solutions through implementation, integration, architecture, design and consulting around API platforms.

Our approach is based on results, considering our developed and consolidated experience with our customers through the years.

In order to get a clearer idea of what Cap4 Lab offers, here are few key-points of our training model:

API Strategy
Leading business strategy, using tools that enable the data processing, inspiring the creation of new business opportunities to improve existing products, systems and operations.

API Design
Design and development of software interfaces exposing back-end data and application functionality to be used in new applications. Definition and construction of a modular and reusable architecture.

Industry 4.0
Digital transformation to reshape manufacturing industries. Driven by the need to address market unpredictability, enable new business models and improve quality, Industry 4.0 represents the intersection of machine automation, real-time driven processes and technology-enabled workforces, combined with enterprise-wide connectivity. Industrial machines connected to the Cloud, and data centrally flowing to a remote server in the Cloud.

Preemptive Maintenance
Feeding algorithms that optimise maintenance operations on industrial machines. Maintenance that is regularly performed on a piece of equipment significantly reduces the likelihood of its unexpected failure.

Working for a fast-growing company like ours means having the chance to take part in stimulating projects, first-hand experiencing our willingness to invest in our employees and others, with the organisation of ad hoc courses and training, in this case.
Working with us represents a real opportunity for growth, to which employees will contribute, enhancing, supporting, innovating.
With its fast pace and collaborative dynamics, Cap4 Lab is a company where employees learn, share their ideas and concretely contribute to the creation of new services that can make a difference in the IT world.

Pädagogische Methoden

Formations dispensée en petites groupes de 12 personnes maximum.

Alternance d'apports théoriques et d'exercices pratiques.
Supports de cours de documents d'application remis en fin de formation.

Validation des acquis par quizz final et évaluation de formation.

Formateur expert, certifié dans le domaine, disposant d'une forte expérience terrain.


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