RC Capacity Certificate Programme for Banks

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An in-depth AML knowledge is strictly required to participate in this program and take the exam. We therefore recommend to attend the following course as a pre-requesite:  Compliance Implementation of the regulatory framework


The Compliance Officers’ roles are evolving towards the need for absolute technical mastery of the regulatory framework and its developments, as well as the application of these within their company.

The common objective of ALCO and the House of Training is to offer a comprehensive certification-training course. This allows the development of the skills necessary to exercise the function of Compliance Officer who can best ensure compliance with all regulations within their companies.
ALCO & the House of Training have jointly developed a complete Compliance training program (more than 40-hours) regularly adapted to the continuous evolution of both regulations and market practices. At the end of the program, after an exam, a certification is delivered and is considered as a real added value for any Compliance Officer career. The following principles apply:modular course unit, test and validation of knowledge.

In 2023, ALCO & the House of Training will continue reinforcing & developing the offers with the implementation of the “RC capacity certificate program” tailor made by industry type. Indeed, we captured the need for a deep dive on the new regulatory expectations to strengthen the AML framework and its governance in financial institutions and explain how this can be transposed in your daily life as an AML Compliance Officer.
Given the role of the RC is very much impacted by the industry the RC is involved in, we are leveraging the expertise of other professional association such as ALFI and ABBL to bring the necessary expertise to the training course.


  • Legal & Regulatory framework & supervision
  • Internal organisation and governance requirements
  • RC & RR – role & responsibilities
  • AML/CFT risk assessment & AML/CFT Risk appetite statements
  • AML/CFT control plan
  • AML/CFT reporting (board of directors, authorities…)
  • Case studies


Mandatory Written exam Open questions – 20 points – 60 % to pass the certification

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