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The Scrummaster training course will benefit anyone who may perform the role of ScrumMaster or is to be involved in a Scrum Team, in any of the Scrum roles. The course is also suitable for those acting as coaches or consultants in transitioning an organisation to Scrum and anyone else looking to gain ScrumMaster Certification.

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The ScrumMaster performs a vital role within the Scrum framework: coaching the Scrumteam; ensuring effective team dynamics and cross-functional collaborative working; and enabling the team to focus without distraction from impediments and outside interruptions.

The ScrumMaster training course employs practical exercises, case studies and discussions to provide everything that a ScrumMaster needs to know to be able to drive a successful Scrum Project.


Agile Rationale and Benefits
Scrum Development Process

  • Background; Origins; History
  • Scrum compared to other Agile approaches – XP, Lean, DSDM, Unified Process
  • Scrum Components: Roles; Artefacts and Activities


  • Product backlog; Stories; INVEST; Definition of Done; Fixed Price Development
  • Collaborative Planning; Multi-level Planning; Release Planning; Sprint Planning


  • Effective Team Working; Self Organising Teams
  • Scrum Roles: The Scrum Team; ScrumMaster; Product Owner; Pigs and Chickens
  • Roles not included in Scrum: Project Manager; Architect etc.


  • Principles; Estimating Size; Velocity; Ideal Days; Story Points; Planning Poker

Monitoring and Control

  • Daily Scrum Meeting; Burn Down Charts; Information Radiators; Kanban Boards; Sprint Review; Sprint Retrospectives; Release Retrospectives

Agile Engineering Techniques

  • Emergent Design; Refactoring; Continuous Integration; Test-Driven Development

Implementing Scrum and Agile

  • Scaling Scrum; Scrum of Scrums; Enterprise Agile; Distributed Agile
  • Combining Scrum with other Agile and traditional approaches
  • Implementing, rolling-out and transitioning to Scrum


Participants can make the PSM (Professional Scrum Master) certification online within 2 weeks after the course. The exam is included in the course price.

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