Moral & sexual harassment in a working environment

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To understand :

  • What facts can be described as moral and sexual harassment?
  • What are the obligations of an employer in this area? 
  • What if the employer does not respond? What remedy for the employee victim?
  • What difficulty does the harassed employee face?
  • How to implement in the field the requirements of the Labor Code and take advantage of the different lessons of recent case law ?
  • Is a change of mentality taking place?


Psychosocial risks (RPS) are among the main risks to which employees are exposed. Under this term RPS is the phenomena of stress, internal violence, external violence, moral and sexual harassment. Psychosocial risks have important consequences for the proper functioning of companies: absenteeism, conflicts within teams, performance losses, turnover, damage to the image of the company, loss of attractiveness...

Sexual and moral harassment in the workplace is a reality that both employees and employers face and which the courts are increasingly confronted with. In front of othe various articles of the Labor Code relating to the employer's obligations with regard to moral and sexual harassment, the AAA's recommendations and the instructions of the ITM, each employer, each designated worker, each safety delegate finds it difficult to put them into practice in the field. The emergence of cases of moral harassment and sexual harassment in the Courts raises questions about how to identify, prevent and manage them.

Expert: Franca Vella, Etude Vella.

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