Improve Your Negotiation Skills

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All individuals and professionals who want to improve their professional and personal negotiation skills.

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Engage in robust negotiation with a strong understanding of objectives.
Learn about persuasion methods and influencing techniques.
Diagnose who controls a given negotiation, and the skills to change that when necessary.


  • When is it appropriate to negotiate?
  • The different types of negotiation.

Diagnostic of participants experiences.

  • Understanding the anatomy of a negotiation:
    • 1) People
    • 2) Position
    • 3) Bargaining
    • 4) Closing
  • Stakes and challenges of a negotiation within the participants industries and activities.

Brainstorming workshop.

  • Preparing for Negotiation.
  • Argumentation and bargaining techniques.
  • Understanding "people" and "position".

Short Video and debrief.

  • Importance of Active Listening and Calibrated Questions.


  • Influencing.
  • Dealing with Emotions.
  • Handling Resistance and Objections.

Brainstorming workshop.

  • Closing the Negotiation.

Video: step-by-step analysis of the technics used.

Live negotiation.

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