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Digital Skills Talks 5th episode - Addressing the blockchain skills challenges in Europe

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This episode will feature Joachim Schwerin, principal economist of the Digital Transformation of Industry unit of DG Grow in the European Commission, and Dimitris Kiriakos, Director of the Thematic School of Advanced Vocational Training in Egaleo and member of the Expert Advisory Board of the CHAISE project.

One of the main challenges that Europe is facing is the digital skills gap: 79% of businesses consider this the main obstacle to investment. This has an impact on the uptake of specific technologies, like blockchain. Therefore, what are the main initiatives that the EU has put in place to face this challenge? What are the results so far? In this engaging 30-minute interview, we will learn more about blockchain technology, how SMEs can benefit from this technology, and European initiatives equipping the workforce with blockchain skills. Together with our speakers, we will also discuss CHAISE, a skills alliance project that aims to develop a strategic approach to skills development in Europe, address skills shortages, and create future-proof training solutions.

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