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Resource Kit - Empower. Workforce with the right skills


Reskilling and Upskilling are crucial to unlock the potential of the European workforce and translating opportunities into action. New skills bring fresh opportunities for individuals and can ease their participation in both the labour market and society.

In 2023, in line with the European Year of Skills, EPALE decided to dedicate a full focus to these key topics.

How can we increase the ability to acquire skills that are essential for tackling labour shortages and mastering the green and digital transitions? What skills are most relevant to match people’s aspirations with real opportunities in the job market?

Follow the path that we have traced in this Resource Kit, to see how the EPALE community has interpreted and discussed these crucial questions. You'll find data and reflections on how the labour market has been changing, on workplace learning, and on how to really empower individuals to enhance their participation in the labour market.

Download the Resource Kit and... follow the path! (PDF, 2.120KB)

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