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Learning and development - The roadmap to success


Whereas learning any new skills is always something positive, it is of critical importance to align the training offering with your company’s strategic priorities.

Once done some key questions remain:

  • Where should the effort be put in?
  • What development opportunities should we encourage in priority?
  • What type of learning experience will we offer?
  • What budget will we dedicate to training?

At VISTIM we believe in the power of a good Learning & Development ROADMAP. A plan that captures your learning and development PRIORITIES, in line with your company’s strategy and objectives, but also includes the internal risk and compliance requirements, the LEGISLATION REQUIREMENTS (Health and Safety, prevention of harassment…) as well as matches any potential Collective Bargaining Agreement obligations.

"Neglecting this steps costs time, energy and money! It also brings confusion and leads to actions that are not aligned with the reality of your company, won’t be accepted nor useable." explains Virginie Boyard.Having a L&D roadmap in place ensures that training activities are proactively:


When building such roadmap we would leverage on any existing tools, reports, process already in place and capture requirements that may come from internal colleague opinion surveys, staff delegation requests…

Once this mapping is done, we identify any potential key elements missing and highlight improvement opportunities. The map will show you the best route to take!

It will ensure you are focusing on the right things and are as efficient as possible. Your employees receive the training and development they need, when they need it, to reach their objectives, and therefore your organisation goal’s. So, what does a good L&D roadmap look like:

  1. Identify the competencies needed to reach your company’s strategic objectives,
  2. Capture any other specific requirements,
  3. Review what is already in place and optimization opportunities
  4. Map options, resources and budget
  5. Design concrete action plan and priorities

VISTIM can support you at every step of the process!

Many options are available:

  • We act as your subject matter expert "on call",
  • We take over the project management,
  • We provide on-site pragmatic support,
  • We manage the administration and reporting.

Or a combination of all with full flexibility.So are you sure your learning & development efforts are going in the right direction? Contact us to discuss the opportunity to get your L&D roadmap.

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